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Easyhome is part of goeasy Ltd. and is Canada's largest lease-to-own company, offering brand-name household furniture, appliances and electronics to consumers under weekly or monthly leasing agreements through both corporate and franchise stores. With no down payment, no credit needed and flexible payment options that work within your budget, leasing is the quick and easy way to get the merchandise you want.

As per the previous reports of Ney York Times and other newspapers, "Easyhome (TSX: EH), a company that extends loans for home appliances, said an employee defrauded CAD$3.4 million from the business. Allegedly, a manager fraudulently withdrew funds from Easyhome by processing fake loan applications. The company said that as payments on the initial fake loans became due, the manager was forced to process even more fake loans to cover the payments, which eventually caught Easyhome's attention during a loan portfolio review. Easyhome also noted that its auditing standards were not being followed at the location where the fraud took place. As a result, the company has suspended the senior managers' responsible for overseeing the audits."


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Customer Retention Specialist (Former Employee) says

"worked there did not appreciate employees . harasses customers. and combined with easy financial took advantage of people who couldnt afford there services but manipulated them into it."

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Not a place to work unrealistic expectations they claim to take care of the associates but don’t n will throw anyone under the bus to cover up their mistakes beware of upper management"

Leasing Specialist (Former Employee) says

"I have never worked for such an aweful group of people. Most people here are 40-50 years old, and have more drama then highschool students. Manager and assistant manager are married and concept of work and home appropriate situations. Not to mention zero communication or organization. Laws are broken all the time, they stalk customers, call family and friends pretending to be money mart etc create fake facebook pages and treat employees like garbage.During 3 months probation youll think you landed the best job3 months 1 day youll realize its a group of drama fuled 45 year old failures"

Customer Retention Specialist (Former Employee) says

"The company through there policies often put workers in danger dealing with angry customers. Those in charge thou, they that work at the head office, would always seem to have the final say, will never support their workers. Hence having a high turn over rate. I've been called every name in the book, and have been assaulted many times. I stay this long, because i needed the money and it hard to find a job in this market.occasional incentives like $5 to lunch on a specific day. usually a sale dayextended hours sometimes with no lunch and no compensation"

General Manager (Former Employee) says

"The Senior Management here has been overhauled more times that my granddad's '54 Ford. Seriously, if you're thinking of working here, just go online to any of the reporting pages and read through the feedback from former and existing employees first!get to travel a lotwages are weak, mangement is weak, policies are weak"

Well rounded Team Member (Former Employee) says

"Easyhome has no place for advancement for anyone with pride in their self, training for all posisitions is left up to other staffgreat customersreminisent of high school eviroment"

Accounts Payable Clerk (Former Employee) says

"Did not feel valued and appreciated. We did not have sick days and were expected to be at work even when you were sick. Overworked and underpaid for what was expected of you.Day off for your birthdayNo Sick days"

Leasing Agent (Former Employee) says

"Was always pushing to get sales never apprieciated enough Pay is too low, managers are gossipy, marketing was the worst part, misleading customers for bad deals. REgional managers are very stricked. Conference calls to uplift productivity was not bad but overwhelming.. takes over your whole life.. no space for ME TIME OR FAMILY..Benefits, getting to meet new people everyday, incentives, bounusLong hours standing, no self time, low pay, gossipy employees, bad eating habits form easily.."

Inventory Analyst (Former Employee) says

"-MInimun 10 hour a day for this position -In financial Dept you can develop an improve your skill, because you have to work by your self all the time (GO FIGURE OUT) -Very unfriendly enviroment with the co-workers -The enviroment and the lack of training -The support to the stores"

Delivery Specialist (Former Employee) says

"This job always had a different day. I didn't mind delivering and setting up furniture and the electronics but to repossess was hard.good people to work with. enjoyable job.safety issues when repossessing product."

Sales Associate (Former Employee) says

"While there is opportunity for advancement, it can come at a cost. Personal/work life balance was effected and there was pressure to do more, not take days off. Management style was fear based. But the actual job was fine. Good working relationship with team environment.Team, Sundays off. Benefits.Longer hours than expected, no sick days."

Store Manager (Current Employee) says

"A typical day as a Easyhome Store manager is been prepared to deal with challenges and putting out fires from irrate customers and challenges from staff.lots incentiveslong hours"

Delivery Driver/Sales Associate/Keyholder (Former Employee) says

"Lot's of hours. Never a moment where I wasn't busy. But there's a repo side of the business and that gets hard on a person. The whole thing started to feel a little crooked after awhile.It's a jobTrying to repo furniture"

LEASING SPECIALIST (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work is calling customers 3 times a day when payments are behind, filing and preparing lease agreements for customer pickups and delivery's, moving furniture and appliances into customer homes in a neatly and professional manner, dealing with any service issues that customers may have.Benefits, discounts, and co-workersoccasional high volumes, occasional angry customers, repetition"

Administrative Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"easyhome did a lot to boost social morale and salary was above par. There are a lot of extracurricular things that you can join/take part in if you are into it. Productivity morale and overall motivation and support could use some work."

Delivery/Customer service / computer technician (Former Employee) says

"Everyday is different which is good to break up the boredom, management depends on the store. Pay is good fro what you do."

Reg Aldridge says

"Paid extra for next day delivery .... stayed in all day ... did not arrive, email to say it was going to be an extra day. Contacted courier CCL/DHL direct .... invited me to register for text updates which I did. Still no update. Then claimed "delivery rejected" will come back tomorrow. I was there all day. Then another day off .... Still waiting at day six for next day delivery. No communication .... except when I call them. I've given one star only because there is no option for NO STARS! Terrible experience ... lost two days work and repayment of delivery charge "may take 10-14 days"?"

Denise Mc Alorum says

"I have emailed you twice with no reply my item came to late and I wanted to return it and get a refund but no one replied"

Stephen McGirr says

"Customer service needs to improve and not blame customer when delivery is two days late after having paid for next day delivery ."

andrew porri says

"Never arrived"

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